June 22, 2020
We will have our next Public Service June 28, 2020 @ 11:00 AM
We will only have One Service Sunday Morning
No Nursery, Children's Church or Sunday School at this time
(Sunday School Bible Lesson is Live Streamed on Facebook @ 10:00 AM)
We will follow these Protocols for the time being:
Social Distancing of 6 Feet inside and outside the building.
Families will sit together as well as those who come in the same vehicle.
Each person must allow their temp to be taken and any person registering a temp of 100 degrees or higher will not be allowed to attend.
Attendance will be limited based on how many we can seat following the recommended social distancing guidelines:
Seating: Families sitting together with 2 seats or an aisle on each side.  
All others must be separated by 2 seats on each side or 2 seats on one side and an aisle on the other side. Each row must be separated by an empty row in between. 
Masks: Masks are required when entering and when leaving the building especially if you are assisting others. We know there is a debate on the effectiveness of masks but we need to be diligent and take every possible precaution to protecting our people. For the safety of others, masks must also be worn during singing.
Offering: There will be two containers by the Sanctuary doors for you to drop your offering in before and after the services. (All monies will be collected by our Treasurers when the doors are closed for services and after the services are over) 
Restroom Facilities: Please restrict the restrooms to no more than one person at a time unless all are of the same family. All handles and surfaces have been disinfected, please wash your hands thoroughly, using the antibacterial soap. Hand sanitizer will be available for use before entering the sanctuary. 
There will be no Sunday Bulletin, if you pick up an ink pen, please take it with you, don’t put it back. 
All attendees will be dismissed by rows starting at the back first. 
Please leave immediately following the services and don’t congregate inside the building. 
You may congregate outside providing you maintain the six foot social distancing.